Welcome!  Thanks for visiting my blog!

On my website, Speaking of Speech.com, you will find message boards for quick discussions and lots of free materials.

On this Speaking of Speech Blog, you will find in-depth posts containing therapy and caseload management ideas, product reviews, and much more!  Truly, this is a peek into an SLP’s bag of tricks.

This is not just MY blog.  YOU can be a valued contributor, too!  You are welcome to post your comments to get a conversation going about any post on this blog. You are also invited to be a guest contributor to this blog.  No blogging experience is required;  all you need is an idea, advice, or words of wisdom to share.  Please contact me at pat@speakingofspeech.com for more information.

Click any topic to the left or enter any term into the SEARCH bar to start exploring.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Looking forward to learning from you. I have a 9 year-old boy diagnosed with childhood disintegrative disorder, a regressive form of autism. He is becoming violent and communicates only through scripting. Desperately searching for answers to communicate with him.


  2. I am a mature student studying as an Educational Supporter. I need all the help, information that I can receive as to help me into my decision wether to go into mainstream or disabilities.


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