5-Minute Verbs: Drills for Verb Success

“5-Minute Verbs:  Drills for Verb Success” —  a new book by  Susan Sexton, M.A., CCC-SLP and Linda Eve Seth, SLP M.Ed.

The authors of the indispensable “5-Minute Therapy” articulation drill books have done it again, but this time their focus is on grammar!!  The “5-Minute Verbs:  Drills for Verb Success” book contains over 130 well-organized pages that address present, progressive, regular and irregular past tense verb forms with short and long sentence repetition drills, sentence completion drills, data charts for baseline and progress monitoring, and picture cards.  There are even half-sheet homework pages and motivating games that are quick and easy to play.  Whether your service delivery style is hit-and-run in the “5 Minute Kids” model, push-in to classrooms, co-teaching, or traditional pull-out therapy, this book will quickly become your go-to source for working on verbs.  I now use it as part of my language evaluations to establish baseline for verb usage when a student shows weakness in this area on standardized testing.  

“5-Minute Verbs: Drills for Verb Success” is available from www.5minutekids.com.

$30  136 black and white pages


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