A Picture is Worth…A Room Ready for Fall

Room Pic2When I moved to my new school five years ago, I spent a lot of time and energy rearranging furniture, adding shelves, and organizing my speech room to be warm, friendly, and workable.  I tweaked some things throughout the year.  By June, my room was exactly how I wanted it to be.  Imagine my horror when I came back in September to find that EVERYTHING had been moved around by the summer cleaning crew!  Okay, maybe “horror” is a bit strong, but while I was pleased with the shiny floors, I was NOT happy that I had to wrestle bookshelves and file cabinets that at least equal my weight back into their proper place.

At that end of that year, I got smart.  I took digital photos of my room in all four directions, printed each on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, and taped them to my wall with a note:  “Thanks so much for cleaning my room!  Please use these photos as a guide for replacing the furniture.”

It worked!  That fall, and every fall since, my room is like I never left it….although definitely cleaner.  And it only took me a day to clutter it all up again! 🙂   (Click on each pix to see the full scope, and count all the lips that you see.  I collect lips and my kiddos love counting them and discovering new ones!)


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