Ahoy, Matey! Pirates Abound!

Have any “R” kids on your caseload?  Of course, you do!  Angie Neal does, too, so she decided to write a book you will want to check out — “The Pirate Who Couldn’t Say “ARRRR!”  — available from Tate PublishingThis delightful, 28-page book tells the story of poor “Red Legs” Lamar, a pirate who couldn’t say “AAAR!”  A crusty old pirate gives him instructions and then, after lots of practice (no surprise there!), Lamar finally lets loose with “AAAR! all over the world.  I read this book with my own “AAAR – impaired” kiddos and they loved it!  The instructions for placement and production include the same “do’s and don’ts” that I’ve been saying for years, but having a pirate say it somehow has more power and validity (or so it seemed).  The kids enjoyed practicing the the list of pirate-related vocabulary, too.  Author and SLP Angie Neal has come up with loads of curriculum connections including vocabulary, pirate jokes, ideas for writing activities, and so much more!  I already had some pirate-related activities in my own bag of tricks that worked very well with this book.  One is a worksheet of pirate graphics, each with rows of “AAAR! AAAR!  AAAR!” which provides lots of energetic practice with this sound.  Another is the app “Blackbeard’s Chest Memory Game.”  Great graphics, fun music, lots of levels — and every time a student takes a turn, he or she says “AAAR!”  See the full review on Speaking of Speech.com.

Digging for more Pirate treasure?  Plan ahead for next Sept 19, which is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  And check out The Speech Room News activity: Capture the Jolly Roger.  Great room decorations and prizes can be found at Oriental Trading. (Here’s a valuable tip:  start your shopping at Ebates, then go to Oriental Trading to get 2.5% back on your purchase!).    Do you have more ideas to shiver me timbers?  Post your comments on this blog by clicking the speech bubble above.


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