Artic Questions

I just discovered an amazing new app by Synapse Apps called “Artic Questions.”  It sells for $14.99 and is worth every penny!  The app has 3 sections, all sorted by speech sound:

  • 525 Multiple Choice Questions — many along the lines of “would you rather — or ___?”
  • 975 Open Ended Questions — mostly imaginative “if” questions
  • 975 Silly Sentence Questions – sentences with an incorrect word

What’s really amazing, beyond the sheer volume of stimulus items, is the fact that you can email the pages to yourself, print, and use them for homework.  Although created for artic practice, the questions are great for verbal reasoning and writing prompts, and would be equally useful for fluency and voice therapy.  For $14.99, it’s like getting several thick books of therapy materials all in one app!


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