Of all the therapy materials I’ve ever purchased or created, my number one, absolute favorite is Artic-U-Checks.  After 15 years of working with students who had moderate to profound disabilities, I transferred to an elementary caseload of mostly articulation students.  I searched for a tool I could use for establishing baseline and monitoring progress, but came up empty-handed.  What’s an SLP to do???  Create your own, of course!  And that is how Artic-U-Checks were born.

The Artic-U-Checks CD contains 125 data collection pages for 50 consonant singletons, blends, and clusters in the initial, medial, and final positions of one to three syllable words at the word and sentence levels. Each data page contains 10 target words and 10 sentences of four to eight words in length containing those target words, along with a grid for measuring baseline ability and progress over 5 progress monitoring sessions. These pages are designed for quick and easy data collection that can be summarized in Evaluation Reports, IEPs, and quarterly progress reports. Artic-U-Checks is NOT a standardized test and does not take the place of articulation tests, nor does it replace or recommend any therapy methods. Instead, Artic-U-Checks is used to supplement formal testing by probing each error sound 10 times in each position of a word. The results of the probes help the speech/language pathologist make informed decisions for therapy goals and intervention, and can be used to graphically communicate skill levels and progress to parents and students.

For the past 8 years, Artic-U-Checks is my most frequently used material.  I use Artic-U-Checks in every speech evaluation to get baseline and plan goals.  I then use Artic-U-Checks quarterly to measure and report progress to parents, and to determine present levels for the annual IEP review.   The data on these forms have driven my therapy decisions, and have provided evidence of progress that has never been disputed when I dismiss a student from therapy.

The Artic-U-Checks CD has been widely praised by SLPs — a favorite in the Speaking of products catalog.  Unfortunately, many new thin computers are not equipped with CD drives.  For those who would like to use Artic-U-Checks but can’t use a CD, I have now put the data forms for the most frequently misarticulated sounds on Teachers Pay Teachers, for less then 20 cents per form!  Click HERE to check out the selections and down the free instructions and full description.  If you can use a CD and want the full set of 125 data collection forms, please click HERE to visit Speaking of  Once you try them, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without Artic-U-Checks!

UPDATE 4/1/15:  Don’t have a CD drive in your computer? Don’t feel you need the full set of Artic-U-Checks?  Then I have great news for you!  I have now broken Artic-U-Checks into sound groups on TeachersPayTeachers.  If you only want /r/ or /s,z/ or other specific sounds, that’s all you need to buy! Click HERE to check it out!


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