Asking More Specific Questions

I’m a fan of materials by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano of Great Ideas for Teaching, Inc.  In fact, you can read a review of a book I have been using for years by clicking HERE.    Now I have a new fave:  Asking More Specific Questions.  This 60-page book is full of black/white cartoon drawings that can be easily photocopied, thanks to the sturdy paper and spiral binding.  Each full page picture comes with a page of nearly 20 questions about the illustration that encourage naming, visual and auditory discrimination, comparisons, verbal reasoning, and much more!  Once all  of the questions have been answered, the SLP can turn the page and give 10 or more 2-part directions for the students to follow.  Don’t you love it?  One stimulus drawing, practice with multiple auditory processing and expressive communication skills — ideal for mixed speech and language groups!  The book was designed for students in K-4th grade, although you could certainly use this with older students who are functioning below their chronological age.  The drawings are cartoon-like but most would not be considered babyish.  Click HERE for sample pages.  The book sells for $28.00 through Great Ideas for Teaching.  It is getting good use in my therapy room.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for it, too!


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