Baseline Artic Forms at the Ready!

Between preschool transition evaluations and school-age referrals, I do a lot of articulation screening and testing each year.  In a previous post, I told how Artic-U-Checks has been my go-to material for measuring baseline and then monitoring progress for artic students at the word and sentence levels.  Since there is precious little time in my day for doing these evals, I keep the forms at the ready in binders with tabbed pocket dividers.  From the CD, I printed one copy of each of the commonly misarticulated sounds, then headed to the copy machine to make 10 copies of each page and file them in my binder.  When I use the next to the last page of a sound, I pull the last page and put in my “to be copied” bin so I can replenish my stock.

The complete set of Artic-U-Checks are still available on CD from Speaking of  For those only want specific sounds or who don’t have a CD drive in their computer, I’ve now posted specific sounds to be purchased separately on my TPT page.


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