Bright Ideas — Save it, Stamp it

Self-Inking stampOne of the benefits of reading through the message boards on Speaking of every night is the wealth of tips and tricks I have accumulated.  Because the message boards only hold 150 messages, older messages are constantly deleted as new messages are added.  So I don’t lose a gem of an idea, I will often copy the message and paste it into a document that I keep on my hard drive.  And once in a while I come up with a good idea on my own….like this year, after writing “Practice every day!” on the top of an artic homework paper for the gazillionth time, I muttered “I should get a stamp that says that” and then thought, “hey, not a bad idea!”  On the way home from school that day I stopped at Staples and ordered a self-inking stamper in red.  Not only has it saved time and energy, I can use it as a motivator for my elementary students;  if they got their last homework assignment signed, they earn the privilege of stamping the next one.  (Amazing what will motivate kids!)


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