ClassDojo — A Great Behavior Management Tool

Are you dealing with any challenging behaviors in therapy?  Having no luck with your usual “bag of tricks” for positive reinforcement and behavior shaping?  Maybe you should look at  It’s a web site and iPad app that is free and oh-so-easy to use!  Go to, sign up for a free account, then set up your class or therapy group(s) in a few easy steps.  Simply name the class or group, add students, choose an avatar for each (optional), and select the positive and negative behaviors you’ll be tracking or create your own to be specific to the students’ needs.  That’s it!

To use ClassDojo:  Go to the web site (to input student performance on the computer) or download the app from iTunes (to use on your iPad) and open it. Select the class or group.  Then, during the session, select each student’s name, and select a positive icon (“on task,” “working hard,” “correct answer,” etc.) to give point to reinforce the desired behavior, or select a negative icon (“off task,” “disrepect,” “not prepared,” etc.) to subtract a point for each instance of undesired behavior.

ClassDojo makes feedback immediate visible to students.  On the ClassDojo web site you can view and print individual or whole group performance as a colorful graph that shows a breakdown of every positive and negative click a student receives. Parents can be given a code to the site;  by logging in with that code, they can view their child’s performance for a specific day, week, month or other period of time, making them partners in monitoring and reinforcing expected behavior.

When I was at my wits’ end with a particularly frustrating student, our behavior specialist told me about this site and app.  Because it  can be so easily customized to measure whatever you want to track, it’s now my go-to solution for lots of therapy groups. Even those students with good behaviors are motivated when I use this to keep data on correct and incorrect productions and responses.


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