“Common Core Early Language Screener” App Review

  SmartyEars recently released  the “Common Core Early Language Screener,” a bright, colorful, easy-to-score screener for pre-K and K students (although it can also be used with older students who may be functioning at a lower level).  Twenty-three skills are assessed, including letter and number recognition, prepositions, various phonological awareness tasks, following 1-2 part directions, vocabulary, categories, and auditory memory.  Directions and prompts are presented on one screen; stimulus items and simple scoring are presented on the next.  The number of test items varies with the grade level of the child (pre K, early K, late K).  At the conclusion of the test, a report is generated which shows each skill, the number of correct and possible answers, and accuracy percentage.

Part of my responsibility each spring as a school-age SLP is to visit local preschools and private kindergartens to do the transition evals for students already identified through early intervention.  My load was lightened this year when I switched from a traditional (bulky) articulation test to my new favorite “Sunny Articulation Test,” an iPad app also by SmartyEars.  This coming spring, I can lighten my load even more.  No more lugging boxes of testing materials for language!  Armed with my iPad and this new Common Core Early Language Screener, I can now do articulation and language screening in a format that the little ones respond well to, that produce useful reports, and that keep my travel light. And, as with the Sunny Articulation Test, there are no test protocols to purchase, ever.  Love it!


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