Cookie Crumble — fast and fun from Five Below

Cookie CrumblesBefore Christmas, I was cruising through Five Below and picked up a new game that is a big hit.  “Cookie Crumble” is a card game that comes in a metal tin.  Here’s how I adapted it for s/l therapy.   Each player chooses a recipe card, on which are listed 5 needed ingredients.  After performing their therapy task, the students select the top card from the face-down ingredient pile.  If they need the ingredient, they keep the card.  If they don’t, it goes into a discard pile.  The first player to get all the needed ingredients wins.  Of course, there is a catch!  If a player selects the dreaded “rotten egg” card, they have to put all of their ingredients into the discard pile and start over.  The game moves quickly and doesn’t take away from therapy time.  As a bonus, the ingredients lend themselves well to artic practice.

I thought this would be a fun game for Christmas cookie baking season, but the kids are still asking for it — boys and girls, alike!


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