Cool and Colorful Carryover Idea

An articulation student achieves 100% in imitated words and sentences, 100% in oral reading, even 100% in a game with open-ended questions. Then, as soon as he walks out of the therapy room door, he reverts to old habits.  Arrgghh!   Carryover is the last step in articulation therapy, but can sometimes be one of the most challenging.

To help students remember to monitor their speech ALL the time, I have offered (threatened?) to paste my photo on their notebooks, lunch boxes, and desks.  Not surprisingly, no one has take me up on this offer. (Ha, ha!)

Here’s something that has worked for my students:  brightly-colored wristbands debossed with the message “Think B4U Speak.”  When a student is approaching mastery, he or she is rewarded  with a wristband.  It’s a big deal to get to this step, as it represents achievement through hard work and signals that the student is almost ready for dismissal. More importantly, the kids think they are cool. A 6-week program of carryover assignments is sent home to the parents.  By the conclusion of this period, the student has demonstrated to the parents that he or she is capable of using improved articulation in spontaneous speech at home.  The wristband reminds the  student to use good speech skills in the classroom.  Next step — dismissal!  Yahoo!

“Think B4U Speak” wristbands can be used as visual reminders for voice, fluency, and grammar, too!  They are available

What has worked for you to promote carryover?  Please leave your ideas in the Comments.


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