Double Duty – New Use for Materials

I’m always trying to stretch my investment in materials by finding new ways to use them.  The goal of the “WH” Chipper Chat kit from Super Duper is to have the students look at scenes and answer related questions.  Some of my students can ANSWER questions.  It is ASKING questions in grammatical sentences that is a challenge.  SO….I made a “wh” question die on the Make Dice app.  Students select a scene, roll the die on the iPad, then make up a “wh” question about the scene, according to the question word that came up on the die.  Some students can come up with a question independently;  others need more direction. If a student rolls “what,” I may narrow his/her focus by saying, “ask me a “what” question about that boy,” as I point to a character in the scene.   The students love using the die on the iPad, and I’m delighted to get double duty out of my Chipper Chat kit.


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