Great Language App — FREE for now!

I recently posted about my new favorite app for /r/ therapy.  Today I learned about an app, Decide Now!, that is free for the moment.  Grab it quick at iTunes!

Originally designed as a fun way to make decisions about what to do on the weekend, what movie to see, where to eat out, etc., this app can be very easily adapted for speech/language therapy use.  Within a few minutes, I had created games for verb tense, vocabulary, and a way to expand concept knowledge.  My head is spinning (no pun intended) with lots of other ways to put this colorful wheel to use in therapy.  Prize choices? Behavior rewards? Other grammar uses? Story retelling?  The possibilities are endless and the app is free.  Try it for yourself, then post the ways you adapted it here for all to see.


Please add your comments.

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