Guest Post: Video Inspires Social Language Therapy

SLP Michelle Ostrow writes:

A dear friend and colleague of mine, Christine, recently introduced me to a wonderful website perfect for students working on social language skills.  I have found that even the students who “dread” coming to speech really enjoy this site and the motivational videos.  The first thing I do is turn off the “closed captioning” and turn off the volume on the computer.  I have the students watch the videos without sound so they can “infer” what is going on and interpret feelings and emotions based on body language.  I pause the videos so the students can “zoom in” on facial features and other events taking place in the video.  After the students watch the videos without sound, we play the video again with the sound on to see how accurately their inferences were and determine the feelings and perspectives of the people in the video.  I use the videos as an incentive, along with a tool to progress monitor some social communication goal.  I even use the videos to engage students in conversation for articulation carryover.  Click here to get inspired:

Michelle Ostrow is a school-age SLP in Bucks County, PA.  She is also co-creator of one of my favorite therapy games, Grammar Gumballs, available from Super Duper, Inc.  You can find more of Michelle’s materials on her TPT page “Speech Rocks.”


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