Hang it all!

Being a rather prolific producer of all kinds of thematic and therapeutic materials, I realized early on that an effective way to store and organize all the materials was going to be essential.  Years ago I stumbled on a solution that continues to keep my materials — and sanity — intact:  Hang-up Bags from Monaco!  These sturdy, transparent bags hold games, worksheets, books, data forms, lesson plans, sample craft projects, and everything else I need for small group and classroom lessons.  I have five racks in my therapy room, full of materials arranged by topic, theme, speech sound, etc.  Season changing? Holiday coming? I just grab the related bags and I’m ready to go!  NOTE: I do not work for Monaco, don’t have stock in the company, and don’t get paid for promoting them –but I wish I did!  I have done many presentations on visual supports locally and across the country at national conferences; a guaranteed FAQ is always: “where’d you get those bags and rack?”  All of my student teachers have become Hang-up Bag converts; one even asked her family for bags and racks as a graduation gift!  What works for me?  Bag 4, Rack F.

UPDATE 4/2/15:  Monaco now only sells wholesale.  You can get similar bags from Lakeshore and other companies that sell school and library supplies.


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