HELP! I’m Drowning in TPT Materials….

If you’ve been downloading reams of materials from Speaking of,, or, you’ll know that the materials can quickly overtake your therapy room.  And if you can’t cut out and/or find what you need, it’s like not having it at all.  Here are some ways I keep it manageable:

1.  My trusty personal paper trimmer.  I couldn’t do without this wonderful time-saving device!  Insert 2-3 sheets at a time and – ZIP ZAP ZIP! – make blessedly quick, straight cuts to churn out therapy cards and other manipulables.  Available from Amazon, Staples, AC Moore, and similar stores for under $15.

2.  Hang-up bags and racks.  I have been organizing my stuff in these bags for many years and can’t imagine life without them!  All of my materials arranged by theme.  The bags keep all of the game cards and other little pieces, directions, samples of art projects, and/or related children’s books all together.  And this is the best system I know for our grab-and-go itinerant lifestyle.  Bags and racks are available from Lakeshore and other school supply companies.

3.  Colorful index card boxes from Staples.  At just $1 apiece, these are a cheap and easy way to store cards for therapy activities.  Love ’em!  Keeping them in a dollar store basket is perfect for SLPs who do short, intensive therapy in hallways and alcoves — another grab-and-go solution.

4.  Sometimes cards are really small or there just aren’t enough of them to warrant an index card box.  For those, I use snack-size zip-top baggies and keep them in a small dollar-store basket.  You could also punch a hole in the upper corner of each and put them on a ring or carabiner, also available at some dollar stores.


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