“Hide the Sticker” Game for Artic Practice

Hide the stickerAs stated in the previous post, I am always looking for ways to drill, drill, drill while still making it fun.  One easy way to do this is with a game I learned and adapted from a colleague, “Hide the Sticker.”  You’ll need deck of artic cards, a page of 1″ (approx) stickers, and scissors. (As an alternative for /r/ practice around Valentine’s Day, I use these hearts for the student to describe).  Lay out an array of artic cards, face up, in a 4×4 or 5×5 pattern.  Have the students turn completely away from you as you hide one sticker (backing still on) under one of the cards.  When they turn around, they will begin taking turns, using a carrier phrase to try to find the sticker.  You can set the carrier phrase to match their artic targets: Look under the ___.  Is the sticker under the ___?  Lift up the ____.  I think thsticker is beneath ___., etc.  You, then, lift the named card.  If the sticker is under the card, the student wins the sticker and you set up the game again.  If the sticker is not under the card, remove the card from the array and play continues.  To increase repetitions, I will sometimes have the student name the card 3 times before using the carrier phrase (ex: door, door, door.  Is the sticker under the door?). When the student finds a sticker, I have the student use that word in a self-generated sentence.  This is a huge favorite with my kindergarten and first grade students.


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