iPractice Verbs App Review and Raffle

Is it just in my neck of the woods, or does it seem that there are more students these days who have difficulty with grammar?  I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on verb tenses. iPractice Verbs, an app from Smarty Ears, is a new favorite in my therapy room.  There are two ways to practice well over 100 regular and irregular verbs, which the SLP can select/deselect:  Flashcards and Find It.




In Flashcards mode, the student can see a photo while hearing and reading thelabel in present, present progressive, and past tenses, and see/hear the word used at the phrase and sentence levels.  Since this app has a “record” feature on each page, you can ask the student to record the word/sentence just heard, but I like to use it as a test.  I show the student the present tense verb word and photo, and ask the student to record the past tense of that verb, prompting, “Yesterday….”  The student can then touch “past tense” to see and hear the past tense form, comparing it to his/her own recorded response.  I use the scoring feature to collect data on student performance with either regular or irregular verb forms.


The Find It mode presents four attractive photos per page, along with a spoken/written word, phrase, or sentence.  The sentence level gives so much information that most students would have no trouble identifying the correct answer.  The word level quiz is much trickier, and is the activity I prefer to use.  Once the student selects the correct picture, I have the student make up a sentence using that past tense verb.  Using the app in this way, it is appropriate for  students with grammar, artic, and/or fluency needs — great for a mixed group.  I just love apps that allow flexibility in how they are used!  I also like giving follow-up practice for home, so I find the printable homework pages that come with the app to be ideal for homework.  “iPractice Verbs” is a versatile app and only costs $9.99.

But maybe you’ll get lucky!  Smarty Ears has given ONE free code to give to one of you!  This is a lightning quick raffle which ends on Friday, 4/18, so enter TODAY by clicking HERE.  Good luck!

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