Language Trainer

Language Trainer from Smarty Ears, $14.99, would be very useful app when working with children and adults who have aphasia, brain injury, difficulties with receptive and expressive vocabulary, and those who are learning English as a Second Language.  It is a very clean, sleek app — high quality photos and audio (real speech), an uncluttered screen, and the easy ability to keep data (correct, incorrect, and cued) and record responses. Unlike other language apps, this app is free of childish graphics and reinforcers, so it would be readily accepted by adults.  There are four modules:  Picture Identification, Picture Naming, Divergent Thinking (naming items in a category or that match a given description), and Sentence Completion.  This app is simple to use, so some clients would be able to practice these skills on their own. It is designed to be used by one user at a time, although it will track and store the progress of many users. The Report Center provides detailed information on the user’s performance — the date, activity, number of items attempted, and accuracy score.  This information can be linked to the Smarty Ears’ Therapy Report Center.  I would highly recommend this app to SLPs who work in hospital clinics, rehab centers, and nursing homes, or who work in the schools with students who need to build vocabulary skills.

Smarty Ears provided me with this app for an honest review.


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