Let’s Get Visual!

For many years, Picture Communication Symbols and Boardmaker from Mayer-Johnson Company were the only symbols available for creating visual supports for students with communication, language, and learning disabilities.  And there is no question that Boardmaker remains a tremendous tool for anyone creating visual supports.  However, there are now other options:

SymbolStix — produced by News-2-You, this symbol library grows every week as new, topical symbols are added.  Over 12,000 symbols are available online on this web-based resource. A yearly subscription for SymbolStix is $49.

LessonPix — It’s easy to create colorful materials for communication and learning with premade templates.  SLPs will love the SoundFinder feature which gives one the ability to search for symbols by speech sound and position! A yearly subscription is $36.

UPDATE 4/1/15:  Here are two more resources for symbols that you will want to check out —

Smarty Symbols from Smarty Ears — subscription required, can be licensed for commercial use.

Mrs. Riley’s PageBuilder — subscription required, free trial offered


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