Making Sense of Sentences

When students have difficulty answering “wh” questions about sentences and stories, it could be due to attention or short term memory issues. It could also be that they simply don’t know how to organize information that they hear or read. I created a graphic organizer has been hugely beneficial to my students in Learning Support. It helps them focus on, extract, and retain information — skills necessary for notetaking. The form is posted as a FREEBIE on TeachersPayTeachers (click HERE to get it). Print this form on cardstock and slip it into clear plastic sheet protectors or wipe-off pouches. Have the students dry use erase markers to write what they hear or read. Let students know that there may not always be a “when, where, or why” in a sentence, but there will always be a “who” (subject) and “what” (action).  My students’ scores have gone from 10% – 80% in a matter of weeks at the sentence level.  Next step:  extracting info from text book paragraphs.


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