Meet the Speech Gizmo!

If you are familiar with the /r/ materials I have on TPT, you’ll know that I am all about drill, drill, drill, combined with auditory, visual, and tactile feedback to teach vocalic /r/ sounds.  Sometimes, that tactile feedback includes giving the tongue a nudge up and back.  I found I can do this effectively and cheaply with what I call “the speech gizmo.”  You may recognize it as a dental flosser.  While many are angled, I find the straight flossers to be perfect for applying the steady push up and back that the tongue needs, while holding the tongue tip down for “bunched” vocalic /r/ production. The flossers can also be used to stimulate the tongue margins to “wake up” the areas that need to contact the molars.  The flossers are readily available in pharmacies and can be purchased in bulk from Amazon for just pennies apiece.  Because they are so inexpensive, I give the students a few in a baggie for home practice. Because they are disposable, there’s no hassle or concern about sterilization for the ones we use in therapy.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Speech Gizmo!

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