Minimal Pairs Academy App

Oh, holy moly!  How many times have you wanted to work on minimal pairs but were stumped for words?  The good folks at Smarty Ears have come up with a great solution:  Minimal Pairs Academy!  In the Settings, you can select from more than 20 phonological processes.  Each provides a list of minimal pairs of words from which you can select/deselect.  As with other Smarty Ears apps, this one links to their Therapy Report Center, to provide the SLP with data reports on a variety of  speech and language skills.  

 Up to four students can play at one time, and each can work on their own particular goals at the level you select.  By double-clicking on the student’s photo or avatar, you can mark which of the phonological processes are mastered, and which will be worked on in the session.  You then select the level of practice for the session:  auditory bombardment, auditory discrimination, production, and phrase completion.  On each of the activities, the student can replay the stimulus words and record his/her productions.  In the production module, the SLP can rate the production as Got it, Almost, or Missed.  The SLP has the option of typing notes that will become a part of the data report for each student.  The student report can be viewed in spreadsheet, graphics, or statistics mode, and can be shared by email or stored in the Therapy Report Center.

I am really impressed with the flexibility of this app, particularly the way in which it can be used with mixed groups. I especially appreciate the way the data is collected and presented, since keeping data in a group of 3 or 4 students can be challenging.  This app is available from iTunes, but ONE lucky SLP will win a free copy!  This raffle is another quickie, so enter today by clicking HERE!  It expires on Monday 4/21/14.  Better hop to it!


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