My Gift — Your Language Lesson!

I just love handmade gifts, don’t you?  This very clever Post-It Note holder was made for me by a fourth grade boy who comes to me for language therapy.  Not only is it cute and practical and handmade — the trifecta of SLP gifts! — but it gave me a great idea for a language therapy activity!

Everything you need for this project can be found in the Dollar Store.  Give each student a small plastic stand-up frame.  Offer a variety of paper in prints, stripes, and colors to cut and slide into the frame.  Offer a variety of plastic and foam shapes to stick on the frame and, of course, a pad of Post-It Notes.  Create a communication board and/or sentence strips for students with impaired expressive skills. Work vocabulary, choice-making, turn-taking, following directions, and fine motor skills into the lesson. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for any occasion — Valentine’s Day? Mother’s Day?  Father’s Day?  Really, who wouldn’t love it?!


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