Organizing Artic Materials

Like many SLPs who have been working for  while, I have amassed several shelves of articulation books.  The challenge became how in the world I could quickly access the pages I needed for therapy sessions and homework.  The solution took some time to put together but has been well worth the time and effort.

First, I purchased three wire crates, printer labels, and several boxes of hanging and file folders.  Then I got to work creating and filling the folders.

For every consonant phoneme, I labeled 8 folders:  “X discrimination, X exercises, X initial words, X medial words, X final words, X initial sentences, X medial sentences, X final sentences.”  (In the “exercises” folder, I have sound-level activities).  I also have folders for /l, r, s/ blends.  I went through my artic books, photocopying pages and filing them in the appropriate folder;  multiple copies were made of the pages I use most often, ready to be handed out to the students.  When I get down to a single copy of a page, it goes in my “to be copied” bin so I can replenish my stock.  The two crates pictured contain /b/ through /z/, with the exception of /r/.  The third bin is devoted just to /r/, separated into /air, ar, er, ire, or/, prevocalic, recurring, and mixed /r/.

Creating these bins of ready-to-go materials has been a huge time-saver for me, and has given me an easy way to combine lots of materials from different sources into my treatment plan.


One thought on “Organizing Artic Materials

  1. Brilliant organization ideas Pat! Thanks for sharing your timesaver tips for home practice sheets. I wish there was a way to share homework sheets online with parents. ~Keri


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