Photobooth and Audacity – Making Therapy Visible

I’ve been having lots of success with technology in artic therapy.  The MAC program PHOTOBOOTH has been a super way to videotape and play back a student’s productions, providing valuable visual feedback.  I have even emailed clips of therapy techniques to parents for rehearsal at home with very good success. Parent response has been great!  PHOTOBOOTH is now an app, too, for iPad2.

A different kind of visual feedback is provided by the free program, AUDACITY.  This shows your target production and the student’s production in spectrograph form — great for playback and auditory/visual comparison at the sound and word level.

Soon I will begin a trial with a palatometer, and can’t wait to see how this works for my students.  Will keep you posted!


One thought on “Photobooth and Audacity – Making Therapy Visible

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