Preposition Remix

With “May is Better Hearing and Speech Month” rapidly approaching, I’m delighted to announce that the good folks at Smarty Ears have given me not one, not two but THREE free codes to raffle off this week!   The first is for Preposition Remix.  Like most Smarty Ears apps, this app links to the Therapy Report Center – an easy way to keep track of all of a student’s data on a multitude of language skills.  The app is designed for just one player at a time.  Up to twenty prepositions are presented in each session.  Each screen has attractive photos on a white background. The player is given a verbal prompt to touch one of the photos;  for example: “Touch the bone in front of the dog” and “Find the animal that is closest to the chair.” A musical tone and graphic rewards correct responses.  Although this can be used as a training tool, I find it to be very useful as a pre- and post-test, with the use of manipulables and other materials for instruction in between.

One can select/deselect the prepositions to be measured or rehearsed in the Settings, where reinforcement options can also be adjusted. While the presentation is always verbal, with or without the written prompt, I’ve also muted the volume so that the students must read the clue without auditory support, adding one more way to customize to individual student needs.   As the student successfully completes the session of SLP-selected prepositions, the student “unlocks” one of 24 possible musical instruments, which can then be “played” as a reward.  I love that there are so many instrument choices, including mandolin, maracas, harp, and other band and orchestra instruments. Not only is this fun for the student, but it also presents lots of language opportunities:  naming, describing, comparing.   At $9.99, Preposition Remix a bargain….but you may win a free copy by entering the Rafflecopter on this page!  But be quick!  This raffle will expire on April 18.  Click HERE to enter!


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