Quick Games and Adaptations

There are loads of great free materials on the Materials Exchange of Speaking of Speech.com and materials for purchase on TeachersPayTeachers.com.  Here is how I have adapted two recent finds, now favorites in my therapy room:

When Jenna Rayburn of Speech World News posted her “Capture the Words” games for all of the usual artic error sounds, I immediately downloaded these super freebies that feature row/column grids of stimulus words.  Then I added my own “spin” to the game.  Rather than make from blocks the number/letter dice needed to play the game, I use the app “Make Dice”  on my iPad.  Available from iTunes,  you can get the Lite (free) version, which is sufficient for this game, or the Full version for $2.99.  The realistic looking and sounding dice roll with a touch of the screen, and make practicing artic at the word and sentence level so much fun. (Hint:  you can use Make Dice in a gazillion different ways – get creative!)

Rock Paper ScissorsI purchased “Rock, Paper, Scissors” from the TeachersPayTeachers store of Kim Lewis, aka Activity Tailor.  What a quick and fun way to get rapid fire artic practice!  The way I play, students each say their word when they flip over their card, then the winner of that flip uses the word in a sentence.  By printing each sound set on a different color card stock, I can have /r/ and /sh, ch, j/ students play together, each using their own deck, because the color makes it easy to separate the cards at the end of the game.  A dishwasher detergent container works great for storing the cards.

Fun stuff!


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