Saving Time and Going Green

Time and money …. there’s never enough of either! There are, however, ways to maximize your therapy time and reduce your use of resources. This is how I do it:

Rather than give my students photocopied pages of words for homework, which can easily add up to 30, 60, or more pieces of paper per student per year, I give each student one small, softcover copybook that my employer can order from a school supply company for less than $.20 each. Then I buy one box of Avery 5160 labels on which I print my “Sound Hunt Stickers” — 48 different pages of stickers (30 stickers to a page) of homework assignments. Each week I pull out a different page of stickers, peel one sticker off per student, and put it on a page in their copybook. All I have to do, then, is write the date and fill in the blank of the sound I want them to practice. These Sound Hunt Stickers serve several important purposes:
•Students have to find words in up to 48 categories that contain specified speech sounds, building sound awareness and vocabulary,
•Students practice their articulation with words that are relevant to their curriculum, interests, and environment,
•Sound Hunt Stickers save me lots of time and paper!

The complete set of 48 pages of Sound Hunt Stickers for articulation can be found on my Teacher-Pay-Teachers page for just $3.00:

My language students also get the same copybook. This is where we work on writing, describing, defining, grammar, and other language tasks. The Sound Hunt Stickers have been so successful with my artic students that I am currently creating a set of Language Stickers for homework for my language students. So, using the copybooks and stickers saves both time and resources, but why stop there?

I had mentioned in an older blog post about the self-inking stamp I had made that says in bright red ink: “PRACTICE EVERY DAY!” That stamp saves me writing that message on every page for every student every day. In fact, I pass the stamp out and the students stamp their own pages — more time and effort saved! (Plus, they love to use the stamp). This success has led me to order more customized self-inking stamps: “SAY EACH WORD ____ TIMES,” “USE EACH WORD IN A SENTENCE,” “LOOK IN THE MIRROR,” and “SQUEEZE THAT R!” What do you find yourself writing day after day?  If it can fit on a stamp, get one made!  Self-inking stamps can be custom-ordered with different colored ink from, Staples, and other business supply companies.

When every minute and every dollar counts, these stickers and stamps work for me! In what ways have you saved time and money with your caseload? Please post your ideas in the Comments box!


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