Shake ‘n Take

Clever. Creative. Adaptive. Dedicated. Insightful.  All of these words describe SLPs.  Now here’s one more word:  cheap!  A number of SLP blogs recently have featured therapy activities using dollar store finds.  Well, here’s one of mine!

I call it Shake ‘n Take.  All you need:

  • A small, see-through container  (I got a pair of cute  baby food savers at the dollar store that have a monkey face on them, perfect for my sock-monkey themed room.  OK, maybe it’s a bear, but we’ll call it a monkey!)
  • A die that fits and can roll in the container (I use a large foam die that I took from a Super Duper game, because it is easy to see and it is quiet!)
  • Small theme erasers that we use as tokens (from the dollar store; also available from Oriental Trading, or you can use any game tokens you have on hand)
  • Small cups or seasonal containers, one per student, to hold their tokens (These small dollar store cauldrons work for Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day when we use pumpkin and clover erasers as tokens).
  • Any stimulus materials for artic or language.

Each student takes a turn with the stimulus task of your choosing, then they shake the die container three times, flip it over, and take the number of tokens shown on the die. At the end of the session, students total up their tokens;  high number wins….or shake things up and declare that low number wins!

Why I love this game:

  • It is rapid-fire, allowing for maximum number of turns per session.
  • It works very well for mixed groups, because you determine the stimulus task for each.
  • No more chasing dice across the table and floor!
  • Containers for the tokens keep them , well, contained.
  • It only cost a a few dollars at most.
  • The students love it!

Please add your comments.

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