Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sept 19

In April I posted some fun ideas for celebrating “Talk Like a Pirate Day” — see “Ahoy, Matey! Pirates Abound!” under Therapy Ideas.  Each of the titles, although very faint, is actually a link to take you to fun ideas that are sure to delight your students, especially those working on “aarrrr.”  Here are some more “treasures” for you to explore:


Blackbeard’s Chest Memory Game — vocabulary, memory, matching

Piratize — turn photos of your students into pirates

Jake’s Neverland Pirate School — lots of games for reinforcement and fun

Pirate Chat — love it!  A communication app in which all the vocabulary is turned into “pirate-speak!” (The free version is kid-safe. If you upgrade, you’ll have to adjust the settings so your students aren’t calling each other “buxom wench” and other choice pirate phrases that you may not want to explain.)

Pirate Treasure Hunt – 8 early learning games

Penelope the Purple Pirate – interactive book

From Pinterest:  Just a couple of the gazillion pirate-themed cooking, art, and other activities.  Just search “pirate” and you will be overwhelmed with ideas!


From other speech/language blogs:  Click on each to discover even more pirate treasure!

Speech Lady Liz

Cindy Meester

Speech Time Fun

Let’s Talk Speech Language Pathology

From the Web:

Code Name Mama — outdoor treasure hunt and other ideas, great for language

Treasure Hunt — online game with clues and reasoning

Pirate Riddles and Jokes — great for language and artic

Treasure Hunt Clues — for making your own treasure maps

FunSchool Kaboose — lots of online games, downloadable crafts, mazes, puzzles, and more

A Sweet Treat from Krispy Kreme: — one free donut to anyone who speaks like a pirate, one DOZEN free donuts to anyone who dresses like one!  What are you waiting for?  Get out your eyepatch and get over there to collect your bounty!

With all of these great ideas, here’s one more:  Instead of “Talk Like a Pirate DAY,” how ’bout “Talk Like a Pirate WEEK” or even “MONTH!”

How will you celebrate?  Post your ideas here as “comments” for all of us to enjoy!


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