Versatile Hearts Game – quick, easy, cheap!

I recently ordered the Marvelous Matching Hearts Game from Oriental Trading.   Unfortunately, it is no longer available there.  However, an astute SLP alerted me to the fact that Amazon now carries these Montessori Heart Cards!   Here is the source:  Heart Matching Game – Montessori Materials Memory Preschool Autism Love Valentine’s Day for Kids

For just $5.99, I received 56 large, sturdy cardboard hearts that can be used in many ways for therapy.  Pairs of these hearts can be used for Memory, Go Fish, and our new favorite game:  “Where’s the sticker?”

I selected 12 different hearts for this game.  The only other things I needed:  a sheet a stickers and a pair of scissors.  First, we described the patterns on the hearts. Lo and behold, the descriptions were loaded with /s,z,r/ sounds!  Spirals, stitches, strings, flowers, waves, diamonds, stripes, squiggles, sprinkles, puzzles, waves, polka dots, diamonds, and — of course — hearts;  all made for great artic and describing practice.  This was extended by the carrier phrase, “Is the sticker under the heart with …..?”  The students turned their heads and covered their eyes while I hid a sticker, then took turns guessing where the sticker was hidden.  The winner got to keep the sticker, prompting the other players to beg, “Can we play again?”  Although I intended this game for Valentine’s Day, I’m predicting it will be a year-round favorite.  With 56 hearts in the package, I can select different patterns each time we play the game, and I can vary the carrier phrase to include other target speech sounds.  I should add that my fluency students had a ball with this, too!

What else can I do with these hearts?  Hmmmm…. same/different concept teaching, add words/symbols/idioms to the back of each heart….any other ideas??


2 thoughts on “Versatile Hearts Game – quick, easy, cheap!

  1. Hi, I followed the link and they no longer carry this game. However, I did find it on amazon and it was only 5.99! thanks you for the great idea! HS


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