Videotaping in Therapy — a Useful and Motivating Tool

Along with my “welcome to speech/language” letter that I send home during the first two weeks of school, I send a “permission to photograph/videotape” form to every one of my students.  I keep a checklist of the signed permissions and keep those forms in a folder–forever!

I do a video of each student in the fall (or whenever they enter the s/l program) to give me a baseline of their conversational speech.  In the spring, after all the state testing is done, we have a fun week of videotaping a special script that is used for self-monitoring.  I set the speech room up to look like a TV studio (backdrop, camera on a tripod, script “teleprompter” in front of the student).  One year, after a terribly rainy stretch of weather, we did a weather report.  The next year, after the Phillies won the World Series, we did a report about Phillies spring training.  This year we did a commercial for the upcoming Spring Fair.  All of the scripts are loaded with the typical trouble sounds.  The students record one day, then the next week we watch the video on my computer.  The first time we watch it is just for fun;  then we play it again with the script in front of the student so he/she can mark which target sounds were made correctly and which still need work.  The kids love doing this, and it provides me with a tool I can use for progress monitoring and to show to parents and teachers.

Throughout the year, I use the Photobooth program on my Mac with the built-in iSight camera so the students can record and analyze their productions during therapy drills and spontaneous speech.

I’d love to know how you use video and other technology in therapy.  Post your ideas on the THIS WORKS FOR ME message board.


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