“Word Work” — a New Resource for Vocabulary Instruction

A review of “Word Work: Vocabulary Lists for Everyday Use” by Linda Eve Seth and Debbie Hisam of Etc. Publications, LLC

I have long been a fan of the G.R.O.W. Series by these two prolific authors.  It seems no matter what my students need to work on, I can always find a great lesson in their books. You can imagine my delight when I received a copy of their new “Word Work: Vocabulary Lists for Everyday Use.”  Recognizing that students must have repeated and varied exposure to new words in order to fully comprehend and retain them, these authors not only present lists of thematically grouped words, but also provide lessons and additional suggestions on how to increase meaningful interaction with vocabulary by engaging the students in higher-level thinking.

This book contains over 200 pages of words and activities.  Vocabulary is grouped under five major categories:  Months and Seasons, School Setting, Science and Health, Social Studies, and Special Activities.  Within each of those categories are many extensive vocabulary lists, each followed by ten Word Work activities, ways to extend the list, and other suggestions.  Although the introduction of the book states the lists are “useful for students in grade 1-8,” I feel the broad scope of these vocabulary lists makes this book very appropriate for students in high school Learning Support classes, too.  Beyond learning vocabulary that can be used in activities that relate to the Common Core Standards, the vocabulary in this book can also be used for articulation and fluency therapy.

Order this book today and you’ll have all the words you need for a year’s worth of therapy!  “Word Work:  Vocabulary Lists for Everyday Use” is available fromwww.makefunoflearning.com.

$35   215 black and white pages


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