Grammar Gumballs

Created by:  Michelle Hinkle Ostrow and Kris Foley Scheller

Source: Super Duper, Inc. (

Price: $49.95 (free shipping)

Description:  If you are looking for a fun, motivating, and highly flexible way to work on grammar with your elementary students, Grammar Gumballs is it!    Nine durable, colorful decks of 20 cards each contain scenes that depict a variety of grammar constructs, including verbs (present progressive, regular and irregular past tense, copula), nouns (possessive, regular & irregular plurals), and pronouns (subjective and possessive).  The 64-page teacher’s guide presents scripted prompts for each picture to elicit 5 levels of skills:  listening, identifying, expressing, making corrections, and describing.  The CD which accompanies the game contains a multitude of printable worksheets (PDF files readable by WINDOWS and MAC) to reinforce grammar forms at home.

The Grammar Gumballs game board is a large, colorful “gumball machine” which holds foam “gumballs” and a built-in spinner.  Each student  in turn responds to the stimulus card and prompt from the SLP, then spins and takes the corresponding number of gumballs from the gumball machine.  The student with the most gumballs at the end of the session wins.

I use this game all the time. My kiddos love it and so do I.  Here’s why:

• The colorful pictures provide a great visual for students, terrific for clarifying and reinforcing grammatical forms.

• Because the teacher’s guide presents 5 levels of prompts, it is very easy to differentiate instruction in small groups of students who are operating on different skill levels.

• Besides using the suggested prompts, I found many ways to create my own tasks related to the picture cards to target student needs.

• The picture cards were a fun way for my articulation students to practice speech skills at the sentence level.

• The materials on the CD are great for follow-up reinforcement.

• The game moves very quickly — no delays chasing a wayward dice or counting up the dots, no moving pawns around a board.  Just spin and take 1 or 2 gumballs, which leaves more time for instruction and practice.

• The game cards can be used to quickly establish baseline and progress monitoring of specific grammar forms.

• My students liked the “gumball machine” so much that we used it as a reinforcer for other stimulus items and skills.

• The entire game is well made and nicely packaged.

Grammar Gumballs is a favorite with my students.  I bet you and your students will love it, too!


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