S/L Therapy is Child’s Play….with LEGOS!

LegosThe majority of boys on my K-5 caseload are LEGO maniacs.  I couldn’t be more thrilled, as I am all in favor of any creative activity that doesn’t include a battery or video screen, so I have been searching for ways to use LEGOs in therapy.  Having had a son who had the same affliction years ago, I’m fortunate to have large plastic totes filled with LEGOs and DUPLOs that he left in the basement when he flew the nest.  Since possession is 9/10th of the law, I have declared them mine and now use them for therapy activities and motivation. The boys love them….and so do the girls!

Here are some of the FREE resources I discovered that can easily be adapted for all kinds of therapy goals, including artic, language, following directions, social skills, basic concepts, and more:

7 Skills Kids Can Develop Playing Legos — justification that might lead to therapy ideas and IEP goals

LEGO Foundation’s Six Bricks Booklet — your lesson planning is done for you!

75+ Fun LEGO Ideas from Kids Activity Blog

A Mom With a Lesson Plan’s free LEGO board game and directions

FriendshipCircle.org: How LEGO therapy can help children with special needs

The Speech Knob:  LEGOs + PECS (or AAC) = Great Idea!

Cooking Up Good Speech:  Barrier Game and others

Speech2You: Ideas for sentence building and morphology

LEGO Game Board on BoardmakerShare

Counting Syllables with LEGO Bricks

LEGO Learning with Fun Activities

Of course, Pinterest and TPT are loaded with other ideas, some that come with a price tag.  And there are many free and cheap LEGO and DUPLO apps that could be used in therapy, so check out the App Store if you want a virtual LEGO experience for your students.  How do you use LEGOs in your therapy room?


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