Dear Newbie….

kittenHave you seen the string of clever videos on YouTube, “Dear Kitten?”  A world-weary older cat gives advice the new kitten in the house — hysterical!    I watched a few of the videos this evening, and that gave me an idea……

A new crop of SLPs will be graduating this month.  As a world-weary SLP, what advice would you give to a newbie in the field?  Post your “Dear Newbie” advice, serious or humorous, in the comments on this page, or on the Speaking of Speech .com Facebook page.


One thought on “Dear Newbie….

  1. Dear Newly Minted SLPs,
    You are at the beginning of a (hopefully) long and interesting career! Pack your flexibility (but don’t become boneless), a sense of humor, a backbone, comfy shoes and a lifelong love of learning. Don’t take yourself too seriously, get some sleep and it’s okay not to know what you don’t know yet. Good luck!! We are rooting for you 🙂

    The Seasoned SLPS (thanks for not calling us old)


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