Help Save Speaking of!

About 10 years, when my original site was on BigStep (webhost server), I got an e mail from them stating that they were going out of business in 30 days.  I had two options:  recreate the site on another platform or lose it.  I literally spent 4 hours every night after dinner, and countless hours on the weekends, for an entire month to save the site.  The effort nearly sucked the life out of me and I swore I would never do that again!

Well, last month, I received the heart-stopping notice from GoDaddy that they are doing a major upgrade of their web platforms and — you guessed it! — I will have to completely rebuild the site again….and it is 10 years larger now.  The only glimmer of good news is that I have until September.  Still, chipping away at this monumental task all summer is hardly something to look forward to.

My site has always been free to the users (although not to me — very expensive because of the size and bandwidth) and I cannot afford to pay someone to do the work.  That means I may have to pick and choose what I transfer and what I let go.  The Materials Exchange, obviously, is the biggest challenge.  Every one of the thousands of free material files has to be downloaded, retyped into the new format, then uploaded and linked.  Having done this before, I can tell you that “mind-numbing” doesn’t begin to cover it. And with the site so much larger than it was 10 years ago, this is one area that might be trimmed.  IF THERE ARE ANY MATERIALS ON THE MATERIALS EXCHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THEM NOW!

I’m asking all site visitors to fill out a survey about the site, and to pass that survey on to other SLP colleagues.  A good response will be the encouragement I need to keep working at this task.  If I don’t get much response, I’ll assume the site isn’t really needed and will pull the plug. So please know that answering the 5 short questions — should take you less than 2 minutes — will really help to shape the future of Speaking of

Here’s the link:   Thank you!


11 thoughts on “Help Save Speaking of!

  1. Oh no!!! Maybe you could start a fundraiser through a site like gofundme to raise money for a web developer to help with the work? I would gladly donate and I’m sure many others would too!


    • Thank you for the suggestion, Alice! Lots of others have also encouraged crowdfunding to help save the site. I’m in negotiations now with GoDaddy and exploring some other options. If it means another big outlay of $, I just might have to go the donation route. Thanks again!


  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. If you are interested, I would love to host a Jamberry fundraiser for you on Facebook. It requires little work on your part, and I would donate approximately 30% of sales (my commission) to help support all of your hard work! Please email me or PM me on Facebook of you are interested.


    • What a nice thought, Barbara! I really appreciate your offer. I am currently exploring lots of options. If a fundraiser is needed, I will certainly let you know.


    • Thank you so much for your kind offer, Rachel! I’m exploring all options now — that alone is a daunting task. If I need some guidance, I’ll be sure to keep your husband’s business in mind. (Love your stuff, by the way!)


  3. Hi, I had to do something similar with joomla site a couple of years ago. The same is possible with wordpress, which this runs on. The most (readable) article on the step by step on how to do it is here:

    The only technical check you need to do is to see if Godaddy has given you your php passwords, and download a free client called Filezilla.

    In a nutshell, you use the current website’s backup function to make a backup of everything, and then that gets ‘dropped’ onto the new host. (The fiddly bit is the php stuff – which I mentioned you need the passwords for, as that tells the site that it has moved home, and makes all the links etc. work seamlessly.)

    (It is a great time for a spring clean however, so checking which items are of use to your followers is best, as you then don’t need to spend time re-creating anything which no one needs.)

    Another thought that comes to mind is, that if you are staying with Godaddy as hosting provider, check if their tech support will do the porting for you for free. You may need to place your faith in getting lucky with a nice tech support person who has had their coffee and is feeling in a good mood though. In that case, they just move your instance to the new hosting plan you have setup.

    Hope this can help.
    All the best,


  4. Use crowd funding. I think that your fellow SLPs will help you to pay someone to save your website! Have us all help you. You have helped us for 10 years, now have us help you.


  5. Pat ~ This is horrible news. Your site has helped so many speech language pathologists around the world. PLEASE let me know what I can do to help. Time if you need it… I’m only 5 minutes away. I’m happy to donate to the cause if that’s the route you decide to take.


  6. I agree with the crowd funding and hiring a developer. This has been a valuable free resource to all of us for years. Let us give back😊 Best of luck and thank you!!!


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