Some FAQs about

Since the “new and improved” Speaking of went live last week, I’ve been getting lots of emails expressing delight with the new format, and also some questions.  Here is some info you might find helpful:

  1.  Where is the — material that I found several years ago on your site?  Oh, I get this question a lot!  Please note that, with probably less than a dozen exceptions of files that had become corrupted, every single document that was on the old site has been transferred to the new site, and they have been kept under the same headings as before.  The materials are all there;  only the menus have changed in appearance!  If you haven’t scrolled through the lists of materials lately, you really should. It’s astounding to see how much is on there — and it is still all FREE!
  2. How do I contribute to the Materials Exchange?  I’m happy to get that question and would be happy to add new materials.  In recreating the site, I noticed a startling trend.  Contributions of materials were very strong until TeachersPayTeachers came along, then there was a very steep decline.  New materials are always welcome on the Materials Exchange.  Guidelines for sharing materials are found HERE.  Send your original materials to, and I’ll be happy to post them.  It’s an easy way to share your hard work with colleagues all over the world.  Just think of how many students might benefit!
  3. Why don’t my old bookmarks work?  Every page on the site had to be rebuilt from the ground up.  That means each page has a new name and a new URL.  If your old bookmarks are not functioning, you’ll have to go to the home page of the site and bookmark it anew.
  4. How much does it cost to run a website?  Well, most SLP sites can be up and running at minimal cost, but Speaking of is different because of the huge volume of free materials that are stored on it.  It is, in fact, one website that you see and a new hosting site with cloud storage that you don’t.  There are many additional yearly costs, including the domain names, my email account, and the newsletter service.  This particular upgrade cost me several thousand dollars (we won’t even talk about the time devoted to it!), and I estimate that I’ve spent upwards of $25,000 to maintain the site in its lifetime.
  5. Will there be a membership fee to use the site?  No, I have always wanted the site to be free to all SLPs, teachers, college students, and parents, and I intend to keep it that way.  However, many SLPs urged me to add a “donate” button on the site and said they’d gladly make a one-time contribution to its upkeep.  Faced with the increasing expense of the site, I took that advice and added the button at the top of each page.  If you value the site and want to express your appreciation, I can assure you that even a $5 donation would be met with my sincere gratitude!  To the 10 SLPs who have made a donation — thank you!!!



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